About DJ Hourglass

My mission is to keep good music alive and spinning--whether it be through the music I share on G's Use Emoticons, my mixes, or my live sets.  It doesn't matter if you're in the living room, the club, school or at work. There's always a place for music and there's always new music out there for you to explore.

If you want to reach out to me about spinning your next party, wedding, or mixer, let's work! I'm based out of Atlanta, but I've also done shows in Charlotte, St. Louis, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

Booking: DJHourglassbookings@gmail.com (NO MUSIC SUBMISSIONS!)

If you're looking to get your music to me, I'm always open to check it out. Be smart about how you approach me though. I get hundreds of e-mails a week and I'm only one woman!

Submissions: gsuseemoticons@gmail.com OR                                    
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