Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lyriciss - Get It & Go [Music Video]

DMV spitter Lyriciss linked up with Virginia-based producer Soulful! and the world reknowned DJ I-Dee on "Get It & Go," the standout track from The Balance EP: Money. Watch below as Lyriciss takes you to his home of Washington, D.C. and demonstrates why his name is a perfect fit. Download The Balance EP: Money after the jump!

“In this weak economy with a lack of jobs available, some of us are forced to hustle just to get by. Rather than be stuck in it, we aim to do nothing short of get what we need and go. While the aspect of the hustle is shown as a negative, we must always remember that a lot of us have to do it simply to provide for ourselves and the ones we love."  Lyriciss
Download: Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Money
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