Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rickie Jacobs - Live Epic [New Mixtape]

If you didn't fully recognize what time it was on The Prequel, I'm issuing a "Stop Sleeping" public service announcement on this new one from the homie Rickie Jacobs. There's a little something for everybody on Live Epic, his followup to his 2011 acclaimed project Die Brilliant.
When it comes to life, are you actually living? Or are you allowing death to approach you slowly but surely? You do, in fact, only live once and within the hour of your birth and the hour of your death, it is up to you, and only you, to live it up before your time is up! With the aim to make history while his heart continues beating and his thoughts remain racing, Rickie Jacobs presents the next chapter of his story, which takes you on a ride through his soul and in turn, you can attempt to see life as he sees it through his own eyes! After all, before you can Die Brilliant, you must first Live Epic! What’s your life like?
-Rickie Jacobs
Download: Rickie Jacobs - Live Epic

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