Friday, January 4, 2013

Angel Haze - "On The Edge" + Azealia Banks - "No Problems" (Diss Records)

Yesterday as I was minding my business sipping my morning tea, I noticed that Azealia Banks and Angel Haze were having quite the Twitter exchange. The flame that started it all?

Subliminal diss to Angel Haze, a fellow upcoming female emcee who relocated to NYC from Detroit? Perhaps; and she took it as such. A few "you ain't got no edges" jokes and claims of sexual rejection later, Angel drops "On The Edge," a diss track she claims she wrote in 20 minutes after the back and forth.

Today, as a response to "On The Edge," Azealia dropped "No Problems" a response to Angel Haze's diss. Lyrically I'd like to know who you're riding with. Hit the comments and let me know!



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