Sunday, August 28, 2011

Next Up: Sabi

Before today, I had never heard of Sabi.  Thanks to scouring the VMA webpage, I stumbled upon this pre-show performer.  

Sabi is a singer from Inglewood, California whose love for music and dance has led her to her blossoming career.  Most recently, she was featured on the track "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" from this year's Britney Spears' Femme  Fatale album and on the Cobra Starship track "You Make Me Feel."  

I usually have to be in a very interesting mood to listen to music with a pop/electronic vibe, but Sabi's voice    is so strong and powerful, that I've been listening to her music on repeat. Check out her song "Wild Heart" below. 

Hit the jump to watch Sabi's interview with MTV News and make sure you check her out today at the MTV Video Music Award's preshow at 8/7 Central!

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