Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forbes Hip Hop List 2011

Golddiggers grip your knock offs!

Forbes has once again released the list of Hip Hop's Cash Kings-- the rappers and hip hop moguls who have surpassed their peers in earnings.

This year, Jay-Z topped off the list earning $37 million within the past year.  Second to Jigga was Mr. Take That, Take That Combs himself with $35 million.  Kanye rounded out the top 3 with $16 mil.

Guess Jay can still rap "...really you got Baby money..." because Birdman and Lil Wayne both racked in at #4 with $15 million.  Either there's a lot of undocumented cash floating around, or Weezy was exaggerating when he said, "Last year I made a 100 million dollars flat" in Young Jeezy's Ballin'.  Either way, we understand.

Congrats to Nicki Minaj who is the first female MC to ever make the list as she earned the #15 spot with $6.5 million.

To read the entire Forbes list click here.

As a bonus, hit the jump to watch the Top Cash King Jay-Z in a teaser promoting the upcoming Otis music video.  The full video will premiere on Thursday at 8:56 ET on MTV, .

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