Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mal - Never [Prod. Scoot Beatz]

"I'm seasoned. I spring forward, I watch y'all fall back..."
I'm usually all about being humble, but sometimes you've gotta be a little cocky and pat yourself on the back to keep your morale up.  After being laid off from work, ATL based rapper Mal needed to let off some steam and stay motivated, so he got the track from Scoot Beatz and went after it.
I believe that "Never" represents a class of people who are working towards a goal and feels confident about what they are doing. If you are not confident in yourself, then it is hard for others to have confidence in you.
Check out the track below, and make sure you check out his freestyle at the A3C Festival earlier this year!

Mal - Never [Prod. by Scoot Beatz]


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