Thursday, December 29, 2011

Uh Oh! Looks like Pill's Unhappy At Maybach Music Group!

Uh oh...looks like someone's unhappy over at MMG. I figured with all its star power, someone would emerge with some not so positive words about their rank on the label's priorities.  Atlanta rapper Pill let the tweets fly earlier today about his frustrations:

Now I certainly don't know the entire story behind this or if Pill has in fact been dropped by the label, but you venting your frustrations with your label on Twitter isn't really going to help the situation, unless you're trying to be dropped. Plus, just because you have a deal doesn't mean that you're still not supposed to grind independently.  Look at Stalley. He's out there dropping videos left and right, collaborating with artists that aren't under the MMG umbrella, and staying true to his fan base with mixtapes and shows.

With Pill, I don't really see that.  I've seen him stop through at a CyHi show and I saw him live at the A3C Festival and he definitely stuck out to me as MMG's weak link.  He's definitely got some major potential, but he definitely needs to start putting more music out and work on his stage presence.  After all, I was in his hometown TWICE and people didn't really seem to be familiar with him. Sounds like pimpin's got work to do for himself.  "Trap Goin Ham" was dope, but that was 2 years ago.

I wish you the best Pill, MMG or not.

Props to Rap Radar
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