Friday, November 25, 2011

Rugz D. Bewler - By Any Means Necessary [New Mixtape]

Rugz D. Bewler has proven to be one of the most promising new emcees out of Harlem.  On his new mixtape By Any Means Necessary, Rugz means business.  Check out the standout track "Right Fist" below, and hit the jump to download the full tape!

Rugz D. Bewler - Right Fist

1. The Eulogy
2. By Any Means Necessary [Prod. by Grand Staff]
3. Pause Time [Prod. by Grand Staff]
4. Kissing (You Stole My Heart) [Prod. by Grand Staff]
5. Run Nigga Run (skit) [Prod. by Grand Staff]
6. Right Fist [Prod. by Grand Staff]
7. Cuz I'm Black [Prod. by Grand Staff]
8. Woosah [Prod. by Sali Dama]
9. Where Are The Divas? (skit) [Prod. by Grand Staff]
10. Divas & Doobies [Prod. by Judah]
11. Red Bull & Guinness/The Hangover [Prod. by Grand Staff]
12. I'd Rather [Prod. by Grand Staff]
13. Fly Lil' Ninga [Prod. by Grand Staff]

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