Monday, September 19, 2011

Got Beef? Ray J vs. Fabolous

Courtesy of Freshalina of Crunk & Disorderly
What a day, what a day.  When I arose from the Otis yell alarm clock on my Macbook, I had no idea that Twitter was going to bless Black America this morning with a jewel as precious as this.  Rumors of an altercation between Ray J and Fabolous in Vegas circulated last night, and I had to follow the story so that I could this spread foolishness and f*ckery to all of those who enter the world of Gangstas Use Emoticons.  I decided to wait until both Ray J and Fabolous spoke their peace so I could recap everything all at once.

Apparently, Ray J didn't take it lightly when Fabolous and Kevin Hart made a few jokes on Twitter about Ray J's cameo on Floyd Mayweather's recent documentary that premiered on HBO.  Read Fab's tweets and get the rest of the recap after the jump!

Both Fabolous and Kevin Hart later explained that it was apparently just a bad editing job and that everything was all good.

Fast forward to, this morning at around 9 AM:

Ray J calls into Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club and gives his account of what went down. Listen to the uncut version below as Willie Norwood proceeds to say he beat Fabolous up, gives a full inventory of the Rolls Royce and Bentley dealerships down the street, claims he's got calling up the goons who will come up and butt rape Fabolous. Don't believe me? Just listen:

Almost 12 hours later, after many trending topics making fun of Ray J and after speculation whether Fabolous would be address Ray J's threats, DJ Clue announced that he would be releasing the exclusive interview with Fabolous.  After an hour and a half of streaming Power 105 and being tortured by songs of yesteryear like Ja Rule's "Between Me & You" and Swizz Beatz "It's Me Snitches," DJ Clue finally gave us the interview, which was prerecorded and edited.

Fabolous took a more calm approach as he explained his side of the story and took more subtle yet more clever jabs at Ray J. He even suggested that Ray had a little habit with that White Girl...

Fabolous Interview With DJ Clue [Audio]

Guessing by their composure, Fabolous's story seems to be the most believable, but we'll probably know for sure what happened.  Fab seems to have no desire to reconcile and he seems to be over it.  Kudos to him, but we'll see if Ray J puts his money where his mouth is and drags this beef out.

The real winner in all this: Power 105.1. Round of applause to them for taking advantage of the situation.
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