Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next Up: J*Davey

Good morning, gangstas! I've heard about the Los Angeles duo J*Davey for a while now, but I finally took the time to explore and stop sleeping on them.  After one listen to their new single "Queen of Wonderland," I was thankful that I did!  Check it out below, and make sure you cop it on iTunes to support the "funk/soul/electronic/pop" twosome.

"Queen of Wonderland" is one of the many tracks that will be released on their debut full-length album New Designer Drug, set to hit iTunes on November 22nd for only $2.99.  Included will be an extensive set of liner notes, which will include lyrics, exclusive photos, and a detailed story behind Jack Davey & Brook D'Leau's creation of NDD.  If you're not completely sold yet, hit the jump for the visuals to "Whatchalookin@" and "Kill 4 Fun!"

Whatchalookin@ | Kill 4 Fun

Props to HypeTrak
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