Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ryshon Jones ft. J. NiCs & Benny Love - Dollar And A Nightmare

Ryshon Jones teams up with J. NiCs and Benny Love on "Dollar And A Nightmare," a concept I'll let Ry elaborate upon...
"It seems today that the world runs off having a dollar and a dream. You can literally start from nothing and become anything you want, as long as you dream big and work hard, right? At least that's what you're led to believe. What happens when your luck runs out, your life takes a nose dive and those dreams you once had turn to nightmares though? Philadelphia's Ryshon Jones links with Miami's J NICS over a Danny Dee production to touch on this very subject in their new release, *Dollar & A Nightmare*. Singer Benny Love rounds out the song, almost stealing the show on hook duty."

For all my S. Florida gangstas, hit the jump to see where you can catch Ryshon Jones & Biz Markie tomorrow!

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