Friday, August 3, 2012

Arts & Craft: Aleon Craft - Good Morning World [VIDEO]

Cover art designed by Esperanza-ATL; Cover photography by Diwang Valdez of Motion Family
Aleon Craft presents "Good Morning World" the first installment of his new series Arts & Craft, presented by What is Arts & Craft you ask?
Arts & Craft is an audio/visual experience in which visual artists create original works of art inspired by the music of Aleon Craft and SMKA. A new Arts & Craft video will be released on the first week of each month at, starting today, August 2nd, 2012. The series is produced and arranged by SMKA, and all of the videos are produced by the editorial photographer, Dustin Chambers. The series will consist of 12+ songs/pieces of art. SMKA and Aleon Craft will host a live art gallery show in Atlanta in 2013 featuring pieces from the series.

Art created by Sean Fahie

Download "Good Morning World: on iTunes HERE.

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